Our New Addition! 

Meet Kimber!

We have 1 furchild, Ruger, a beagle/lab mix. Once we moved him to a new place, he didn’t have any friends to hang out with while we were working & that just seems sad & downright boring. 

My boyfriend, Jesse, brought up getting a new puppy & I wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first, but it quickly grew on me & we were on the hunt for the “perfect breed” for us. 

In all honesty, if we could clone Ruger, we would. He has been the best dog! So easy to train, tons of personality, and laidback when needed. But he was an “oopsie” breed. Which left us to find him a friend knowing no one would ever be as perfect as him. 😉 Pictures below. Look at that face! Those short legs! What more could you ask for?

Our first thought was an English Bulldog. The health issues had us questioning it, but the price tags definitely scared us away! 

Then we jumped from Labs to Beagles to Collies to Terriers & everything in between. Truthfully, I wanted to adopt from a shelter. I hate paying someone to breed dogs. It’s just not my thing. No offense if it’s yours! 

After a couple leads on a puppies fell thru, I was scrolling through Facebook & saw an ad. Someone was looking for a forever home for a sweet 3-3.5 month old boxer mix. I called Jesse immediately almost in tears. I knew right off the bat, this was my dog. She stole my heart & I had to add her to our little family. 

“Wellll….” “PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE” “I guess but this is your dog. Your responsibility.” “Ok! So I can get her?” “Oh God…” 

That’s kind of how the phone call went. He had backed out a bit on the puppy excitement but I was 100% on board! Two hours later, I got off work & went to pick up this little boxer mix bundle of love & kisses. I was right. Best friends from the start. 

She slept on my arm the whole way home. When we pulled up she ran right to Jesse. Call me crazy, but I believe she knew we were her new home & it would be for the long-haul. 

Kimber’s been part of the family for 3 weeks. 

A long 3 weeks.

 I still love her. I love coming home & her running up to you. Even if you pick her up & love on her, she’s can’t stop wiggling around from excitement. I love how she snores in my ear while she sleeps on my back when we watch a movie. I love her mix-matched feet and how clumsy she can be. 


She’s a handful, haha. 

After a lot of research and Instagram tag searches, we decided our theory is she’s a Boxer/Shepherd mix. Possibly some Lab. 

Whatever concoction she is, created a hard-headed individual. 

From potty-training to chewing to shredding trash bags. All of it has been a struggle. 

For the first two weeks I woke up every night at 2-3am & again at 6am for her to go outside. 

But she can’t be normal. Just go outside, do her business, then pass back out. 


If she gets up to use the bathroom, that also includes an hour of playing with your feet, and her rope, and anything she can sniff out. 

This past week, I cracked. I couldn’t take it.  

Originally, she was in a cage at night with puppy pads. Which she didn’t get the hang of. So at her normal times, from the other end of the house, you would wake up to a screaming, high-pitched dog who had to pee. 

So where is she now? 

Sleeping in the middle. Sometimes on my feet. 

Yup. Me. Jesse. Ruger. Kimber. All in the queen size bed I brought from my parents house. 

At least it’s getting cold out, cause there’s a lot of body heat goin on! 

She still hasn’t gotten the hang out telling us she needs to go outside. Luckily, she refuses to pee in her bed. So at 6am everyday, without fail, my alarm clock taps on my face with her paws and licks my ears until I roll off the side of the bed & shuffle to the door. 

Headache aside, we love her. She’s learning. Slowly. But learning. With lots of treats she is getting the hang out “Sit” “Stay” & “NO MA’AM!” We use that last one a lot…

Anytime I do get fed up, it instantly echos in my mind that if we hadn’t picked her up when we did, she was headed to a shelter the next day. She has too much love in her tiny little body to be stuck in a cold cage somewhere with no one. 

& Please, please, please. If you are ever thinking about getting a dog. Don’t just think puppy. Think about all the wonderful assortments of furever friends waiting for someone to love them at your local shelters. They may take a little work, but they are so so so worth it. ❤️

Apologies & Updates!

Hello there, I’m alive! 

Our plates were full, and I got out of the habit of logging on to this ole blog of mine. 

So, first things first, WE MOVED! Finally! It’s been a long time coming & it took a lot of work, there’s still more to do. But we did it! 

The same day we moved in, we added 6 hens & a rooster to our family! They’ve been so fun & deserve a blog all their own! 

Annnddd, two weeks later, we added a new puppy into the mix! Because we’re crazy, I guess. Technically she’s “my puppy” which was my boyfriends way of saying “she can live here but I’m not cleaning up after her”. 

I’ve also been trying to get rid of all the extra junk we’ve collected over time. 

Getting back to having a kitchen all my own, so lots of new go-to recipes & from-scratch baking. 

Needless to say, the past few weeks have been hectic but fun! 

So stay tuned for lots of miscellaneous mischief! How we built the coop, chicken 101, puppy paws,  makeup fun & recipes! 



Painting Laminate Cabinets! 

My boyfriend & I recently bought our first place from some family members of his. Just a single wide on a backroad but still – our home. 

We started making a list of a few project we wanted to take care of & before long – we had decided that every room was getting painted from the ceiling down, there needed to be new floors, and we wanted to give the whole place a modern/rustic look. 

Considering everything looked basically the same for the past 25 years – you could say it was a tiny bit outdated. 

Somehow the cabinets got left off the To-Do List. But the more I looked at them & the more time I spent on Pinterest. I wanted them gone. 

After tons of screenshots back & forth, paint samples, Google searches for “How to Paint Laminate Cabinets” & a lot of “…are you sure?” I just dove in. 

Somehow, I forgot to to take a photo of the full set of cabinet before. But these give you the idea of what we were dealing with. Some dirty hardware, a few crooked doors, and some faded red countertops. 

First things first I got a few supplies. 

I had a drill, plastic cover sheets, some multi-purpose cleaner & rags on hand. 

I had to buy some primer, and ended up needing two quarts to finish the project. 
I chose a gallon of Valspar’s Olive Sawdust from Lowe’s for the cabinets & the Ivory tint of Rustoleum Countertop Paint. 

I had an extra paint brush & roller for the cabinets – but I did buy a Smooth Surface Roller for the countertops. Plus 220 Grit Sandpaper. 

With my supplies in hand I started taking off all the doors and hardware. 

{actually took me a couple weeks because we are only working on the house after work for 3-4 hours most evenings & because I’m ADD I jump from project to project when I start getting bored – it could be done in a weekend tho!}

Now if you can do some of this outside, awesome! Since we hadn’t put new floors down yet & the weather channel was calling for rain – I just set up shop in the middle of the kitchen, picked a Podcast to listen to, and got to work. 

I started by sanding the doors by hand with the 220 Grit Sandpaper then wiped them off with a rag barely damp with Multi-Purpose cleaner. 

My boyfriend, Jesse, had some sawhorses around. So I threw a plastic sheet over them & laid my doors across them one by one. 

When I rolled on the first couple doors, the primer went on kind of bubbly? That’s the best way I know to explain it. It wasn’t the smooth look you expect from paint. I ended up brushing them on, but more on that…

I’m new in the prime & paint field so I called a friend after 3 doors to ask why I couldn’t get the primer to look like perfect, brush-stroke-free perfection. After checking with her boyfriend, we learned, it won’t look perfect. So don’t get hung up on brush strokes or a tiny bit of color coming through in areas. 

With that new information, I finished up the rest of the doors much quicker. I had a plastic sheet laid out across the kitchen and would scoop up each door from the back, find it a place to rest, and continue on. 

While those dried – I primed the drawers & cabinets. 

Not that everything was primer white – it was time to break out the paint! 

We rolled the doors & drawers – again, it goes on kind of bubbly – but once they started drying they smooth out themselves. & A big thank you to Jesse’s sweet aunt who came over to help roll the second coat for the doors while I did all the cabinet trim! 

I went around the edge pieces, trim around the wall & ceiling, and any small grooves or corners with a brush. The rest was rolled on. Since we already had a large paint covered roller, I used that. By just dipping the first 2-3 inches in paint on the side away from the handle – I got away with it & didn’t even make a huge mess! 

Finally, the paint was done. 

I had soaked the hardware in vinegar but it just wasn’t the “clean” I was hoping for. So I downloaded a couple Hell’s Kitchen episodes for entertainment while I sat on the couch with an old rag, some multipurpose cleaner & scrubbed them by hand. Which – I may add – worked wonders! 



They had turned a little with age, but overall, they were looking a few years younger! 

After I rinsed them off with warm water, dried…and finished my last episode of HK, I put these bad boys back on the doors. 

I also jumped ahead & put all the hinges back on at the same time – so I didn’t have the stop & attach them before I hung up the door every time. 

Tip: Use painters tape to make a straight line across the top of your cabinets – it helps so much when you are trying to re-attach them. Especially if you started with a couple crooked ones like I had! 

Finally – they were done! Almost. 

I bought the Gray tint of countertop paint. We thought it would be great. Til we sampled it…

It was a very basic gray, actually a little darker than the picture once it dried. It’s pretty! But not for dark greige cabinets. 

I opted to use it for one of the bathrooms & bought another quart in Ivory – which was perfect! 

You will definitely need a smooth surface roller for this! A ceiling/wall roller & a paint brush were sacrificed for me to find that out for you. I did use the brush for edges around the sink then went over it again with the roller. Mainly because me & painters tape aren’t the best of friends. 

Another noteworthy tip: this stuff is strrroonnggg smelling. Not bad. Like extreme nail polish. If you can open the windows, do it. The smell lasted a week or so. After you a few minutes at home, it’s not so “in your face” but I suggest open up a cheap $1 canister of coffee, let it sit out overnight to get rid of it sooner. 

My first step was to sand the countertops just enough to give them some grip. Wipe them down with a damp, then dry, cloth until you don’t see anymore flakes of old color. 

Get to rolling! It actually goes on very quick…but then you have a 24 hour dry time before the second coat.  

If you’re like me – you will get really skeptical & wonder exactly how many coats this is going to need after the first one. Something about the second coat makes a HUGE difference! 

And thanks to my boyfriend who finished up the second coat while I was working, we ended up with some nice creamy white countertops! 

Not to mention – he also installed the backsplash. We were going with a plastic tin look-alike but the $250 price tag wasn’t for me. So he used some leftover laminate from the living room, changed the pattern a bit, and in an hour we had backsplash! 

I read every review but was still skeptical about how well the paint would hold up. It took 24-48 hours of drying for it to become hard & lose that sticky paint feel. But once it did, I was over the moon! I had wiped it off, had tools laid on it, so on & so forth & it has had zero issues. I’ll update you in a couple years…haha. 

And so now that I had gotten them all together, I present to you, our new kitchen cabinets! 

I still have some decorating to do & a couple places to clean around the edges. But you get the idea! 

We only spent approximately $80! Much cheaper than new cabinets or even the countertops themselves! It also adds a pop of color into our open-area kitchen & living room we painted a beige color throughout. More on that later. 

And until then…